Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The covers wars!

The temperatures are so difficult these days.  We wake up with the temps in the 30's and the high's are in the mid 70's.  So it's basically impossible to regulate the temperature in the house...so we don't even try.  We still have the heat set to come on if it hits 70 degrees in the house.  Last night when we got home the thermostat said that it was 77 in the house!  So we turned on the fan in the living room to help cool things down.  A little later we were getting in the bed and I asked James if he would mind if I turned on the fan in our room.  This is how the conversation went from this point:

James: "Please don't.  I'm a little bit chilly."
Me: (looking at him like he has three heads) "Chilly?!  It is 77 degrees in here!  Can't you put on some more clothes?"
James: "No....can't you take some off?" (snicker)
Me: (looking down at what I'm currently wearing) "No!  Then can we at least take the comforter off the bed?"
James: "No.  Then I'll be cold."
Me: "So I'm expected to sweat?!"
James: "Stick your legs out of the covers."
Me: "I already do that!  It's hot and this is crazy!"
James: "......put your half of the covers on me."
Me: "Fine!" (insert lots of grumbling here)  "But don't get hot in the middle of the night and push them off on me!"
James: "OK.  I love you.  Good night." (insert snoring here)
Me: (thinking in my head) "I don't care how cold I get tonight...I will NOT take those covers back."

Well, it did get a little chilly...but I still didn't take the covers back...until he left for work. =)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Joseph is 6!

Wow!  What a weekend!  Friday, my oldest "baby" turned 6!  I can't believe it!  On Thursday night as Joseph was getting ready for bed he looked up at me with those precious little eyes and said, "Am I going to take goodie bags for all of my friends at school tomorrow?"  I gave him my best "deer in the headlights look" and said, "Of course you are!  You're taking them cookies....M&M ones.  Yeah.  That's what you're taking them."  Thankfully, he was satisfied with what I had to offer and happily went to bed completely excited about his birthday-to-be.  So I stayed up pretty late and made him the M&M cookies and put a couple of them inside a little bag for each of his classmates.  He was overjoyed to take them to school the next morning.  I almost forgot how fun that is for a child.

On Friday we had an appointment with my perinatologist to take another look at the baby.  She is doing GREAT!  She's perfect in every way.  She was moving the entire scan and kept sticking her hand in her mouth.  Her estimated weight at this time is 4lbs 3oz.  =)  After the doctor was done with her measurements, she surprised us and turned on the 3D scan.  It was amazing.  I have never wanted one before, and if the Lord has more children in store for us in the future I still won't choose to have one, but it was so cool! 

After our appointment, we went home and put a new enclosure net on the trampoline for Joseph's birthday gift and were trying to get it done in time for him to be home from school.  No such luck there, but he was very excited that he could jump on his trampoline again after we were done.

That night we went to Chuck E. Cheese's.  I must have a deep hatred for myself to go to that place on a Friday night.  It was the special request from the birthday boy and how do you refuse that?  All in all we had a great time, spent way too much money, and were completely exhausted when we left.

Saturday morning we started to clean and get our house ready for Joseph's birthday party.  Including us, we had a total of 28 people at our house.  That sounds huge to some people, but tuck this under your cap, 21 of them were family.  The kids had a great time!  We let them decorate their own cupcakes.  It was possibly the most genius idea I've ever had.  I only had to bake the cupcakes...nothing else.  I through icing and sprinkles at them and let them do it how they wanted.  Plus it was fun to see their creativity at work.  By the end of the party I was EXHAUSTED.  This pregnancy seems to be taking it's toll on me lately.  My husband being the wonderful man he is, took me to dinner that night so that I didn't have to cook.  I'm so blessed!

Sunday was fast and furious until after church.  Then we came home, at lunch watched a couple of movies and chilled out all day!  It was wonderful.  Joseph had a little bit of the "it's no longer my birthday" blues, but is doing better now.  Anyway, that was our weekend in a nutshell.
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