Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The covers wars!

The temperatures are so difficult these days.  We wake up with the temps in the 30's and the high's are in the mid 70's.  So it's basically impossible to regulate the temperature in the house...so we don't even try.  We still have the heat set to come on if it hits 70 degrees in the house.  Last night when we got home the thermostat said that it was 77 in the house!  So we turned on the fan in the living room to help cool things down.  A little later we were getting in the bed and I asked James if he would mind if I turned on the fan in our room.  This is how the conversation went from this point:

James: "Please don't.  I'm a little bit chilly."
Me: (looking at him like he has three heads) "Chilly?!  It is 77 degrees in here!  Can't you put on some more clothes?"
James: "No....can't you take some off?" (snicker)
Me: (looking down at what I'm currently wearing) "No!  Then can we at least take the comforter off the bed?"
James: "No.  Then I'll be cold."
Me: "So I'm expected to sweat?!"
James: "Stick your legs out of the covers."
Me: "I already do that!  It's hot and this is crazy!"
James: "......put your half of the covers on me."
Me: "Fine!" (insert lots of grumbling here)  "But don't get hot in the middle of the night and push them off on me!"
James: "OK.  I love you.  Good night." (insert snoring here)
Me: (thinking in my head) "I don't care how cold I get tonight...I will NOT take those covers back."

Well, it did get a little chilly...but I still didn't take the covers back...until he left for work. =)

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