Wednesday, April 28, 2010

40 weeks!

Ok baby girl....come out and play!!!  I'm 40 weeks today and ready to have a baby!  I've been having false labor off and on for about 3 weeks.  She has been a bit of a tease.  I'm hoping that the full moon will help trigger something.  I've tried all sorts of natural ways to start labor.  I've been doing lots of walking.  On Saturday I walked so much that I didn't even get up for church the next morning.  Those that know me know that missing church is pretty rare.  I've been taking Evening Primrose Oil.  TMI...I know...and I'm sorry but, we've tried intimacy.  I'm about ready to break out the raspberry tea.  A friend recommended Indian food.  Please leave me a comment if you know of anything else!!!

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  1. OKay... so call me stupid...but I just realized you had this blog! I am so excited I can put your blog on my list of blogs I follow... YEAH! BTW... love this picture of you and your hannah belly. :) so pretty.


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