Friday, February 5, 2010

The Herd

Last night was Joseph's school night at Cici's pizza.  After he begged to go to SEVERAL times, James and I agreed.  I grabbed a BOGO coupon and we took off.  Of course 2.4 minutes after we got on the road, the boys fell asleep.  Nathan should be a real joy at the restaurant. :-/  So we get there, wake up the boys and go in. There's something about all you can eat pizza buffets that turn normal humans into disgusting pizza eating cattle.  Not only are they cattle, but they are rude!  Everyone acts so impatient, terrified that they aren't gonna get that slice of peperoni with jalapenos they've been eyeballing from down the line.  After we found a table amongst the herd, I left James with the boys while I went to go get drinks.  I was putting ice and drinks in the glasses while the cows would reach over me to get ice or whatever.  It's not like I was taking forever.  I mean, how long does it take to get a few drinks?  Anyway, eventually while we were eating, we realized that Nathan needed to go to the restroom.  Naturally, he started fussing because we didn't have his potty seat that we use at home...uh oh.  James took a very cranky 3 year old into the bathroom to do his business.  When a member of the herd would go in, you could hear Nathan yelling because he had to stand or because he didn't want to wash his hands.  Joseph was disappointed because we didn't allow him to play any of the crappy little games or purchase any of the crappy little toys out of the vending machines.  Then he was upset because we wouldn't allow him to have anymore desert pizza.  (Just a side note, dessert pizza is possibly one of the best things ever created.)  I don't think we signed up for dinner and entertainment....did we?  OK, maybe we did.  Then it hit me...with our own craziness going on...we had become one of "them".  We had joined THE HERD! 

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