Friday, July 23, 2010

11 Years

I am SO late on this entry. But better late than never! =)  On July 17, James and I celebrated our 11'th wedding anniversary.  That sounds like such a long time, but I can't decide on whether or not it feels like it.  Sometimes it feels like 11 years if I start thinking about different things we've been through and all of the memories we've shared.  Other times, it feels like we were just dating.  I can remember our wedding day like it was yesterday.  *Insert the memory chime here* I was 18 and he was just one month shy of being 21.  At the time I felt like I was so grown up.  Now I look back and think, "Oh my! I was such a kid!"  Even though I was so young, I don't feel like I got married too soon.  I knew that I was making a lifetime commitment and I knew that James was the man that the Lord had prepared for me.  That doesn't mean that our marriage has been without struggles.  Our 11 years together have been quite difficult at times.  Our marriage has survived the death of our firstborn, a miscarriage, cancer, and just everyday life.  But the Lord has been faithful to us.  He has also provided many wonderful times.  We now have 3 BEAUTIFUL children, loving families, and great friends.

I am so blessed that James was chosen for me.  I know I'm a little biased, but I truly believe that he is the best husband, father, and friend on the planet.  He is everything I could have ever wanted and more.  If I could go back to our first date and relive every moment, I would and wouldn't change a thing.  Even more, I can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for our family.

I love you James.  Thank you for 11 wonderful years!


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