Friday, July 16, 2010

Will you please skate in the house?

 It is no secret.  I HATE to clean!  Not only do I hate to clean, but I'm a pretty messy person.  My husband on the other hand is a very organized and neat person.  He would be a much better stay-at-home-mom than I am.  But even though I don't enjoy cleaning, it's still something that has to be done.  Earlier, my kitchen floor was so icky.  I have been telling myself for a couple of weeks to get the mop out and just do it, but then other things happen.  You know small things like, 3 kids; getting breakfast for 2 kids and myself; nursing 1 kid; getting lunch for 2 kids and myself; nursing 1 kid; getting a snack for 2 kids and myself; nursing 1 kid; getting dinner for 2 kids, a husband, and myself; nursing 1 kid.  What?  We like to eat. ;-)  Anyway, all of this eating doesn't help my icky kitchen floor problem.  So I moved my kitchen table and chairs into the living room.  Put some warm water and dish washing detergent into some plastic food storage containers and put them on the ground.  

Then my boys and I put on old socks, dipped our feet into the water, and started to 'skate' on the kitchen floor. =)  This was not the first time that we have done this, but it was just as exciting for them this time as it was the last time.

After the floor is clean, we take old towels and 'skateboard' to dry off the floor.  Now mopping the floor is their favorite chore to do.  Truth be told, it has also become mine.  I hope that these are memories that they will have for a lifetime! 

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  1. Oh, I love it!!!! I'll have to try that some time. Maybe in the winter when the snow is keeping us inside!! Yes, having 3 boys will be fun to keep busy!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. (I love comments and don't leave nearly enough.) I too, lost 3 babies, who knows one or more may have been a girl. I like to think so, and have dreams of holding my little ones one day in heaven!! Sorry, you lost your first little girl. People say things without realizing the hurts they maybe causing. I have a cousin who lost their first baby at 1 month, they went through alot of pain and grief. It is not an easy thing, but I'm so Thankful for a Heavenly Father who carries us along. Blessings to you.


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