Friday, July 2, 2010

Big boy

When did my little boy become so big?  This year he has grown so much.  He is such a big helper around the house.  When Hannah starts to cry he comes running either with her pacifier or just to talk to her to try and calm her down.  He helps Nathan get in and out of the car, builds him Lego things, and pretty much anything else we ask him to do.  Last night James took him for a ride on the 4-wheeler.  After a while, James came in and offered to let me ride.  I was unsure about where to go because I haven't been on the trails at our house.  James said, "Don't worry. Joseph will ride with you and show you where to go."  I later found out that James and Joseph had already discussed him helping me before James even came in the house.  I pulled on my boots and walked outside seeing Joseph already sitting on the 4-wheeler ready to go.  Then it struck me that I was about to depend on my "baby" to show me where to go.  The same child that used to depend on me for everything was about to help me!  I climbed on and sure enough he told me exactly when to turn and kept me on the right trail.  We had so much fun.  I love how the Lord prepares us for each stage in our lives.  I used to dread the day that my kids started to depend on themselves and start to grow up.  I'm learning every day that this stage in their lives and mine can be such a joy.  That doesn't mean that it doesn't come with it's own share of headaches, but it's fun to see what a special young man the Lord has entrusted me with.  I am so blessed!

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